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We provide services for your existing printers & carry out repairs & maintenance activities. This helps to increase the life of the printer and fetch additional cost benefits.

There are several problems associated with this:

  • Many Times refilled toners fail mid-cycle. This lead to replacement and wasted cost.

  • There are often complaints about quality and yield as compared to the original. Most of the components inside the toner are designed to last only one cycle as such, components get worn out and cause this quality issue.

  • Re-fillers may practice unethical methods such as filling less than required toner powder to save money and have the client returning sooner for another refill.


  • First the cartridges are totally disassembled.
    Individual parts of the cartridge are examined for damage and cleaned or replaced if required.

  • The cartridge is reassembled.
    The cartridge is filled with toner specifically meant for it.
    The cartridge is installed on a printer and 15-20 pages are printed to assure that the printouts are as per OEM specifications.

  • After the completion of the above, the cartridge is packed and is ready for you to collect. We back all our refurbished and refilled cartridge with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • The cartridge undergoes a “footprint test” to determine whether the print head has dried up Special solutions are used to unclog the print heads.
    In the event they are blocked.
    The cartridge is then filled using appropriate amount and type of ink specific to it.

  • Once the refilling process is over, the cartridge is installed in a printer and 4-7 test pages are printed using the same.
    This assure that no faulty cartridge leaves our premises.
    Once the cartridge passes the printing test, it is packed and is ready for your collection.


We understand the importance of high quality prints essencially when you are printing an important sales report or once-in-a life time family photo.This is why we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our work.

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